Be Seated

Who is Trevor Curtis? I often wonder that myself, and have yet to figure it out. Maybe through this therapy that is my blog I will be able to hit the nail on the head and realize exactly who or what I am, or maybe you, reader, will help. Here I will give some information about myself, and maybe together, we can solve the puzzle that is I.

The Basics: I was born in Portland, but raised by my hippie parents in the hills outside of the small town of North Plains, Oregon. Growing up, I went to a tiny school that focused on a Waldorf style education. For most of my time there, (1st-8th grade) we spent our days learning about a multitude of different cultures and we were encouraged to express ourselves however we could; making up games when we were younger, telling our own stories about constellations, and of course art. It was not like any schooling any of my friends now have ever been a part of, but the lessons I learned; to be open and accepting of a variety of beliefs, expressions and especially people,  to feel a desire to express my creativity, and to be comfortable with myself and who I am, all of these helped shape me into the adult (?) I am today.

Following my 8 years of private schooling I enrolled in public school for the first time and got a taste of the real world at Glencoe High School in Hillsboro, Oregon. I knew a couple kids from playing sports, but other than that I was a newcomer to the schooling and the social methods that most kids had been accustomed to their entire scholastic lives. Luckily, I consider myself to be at least somewhat of a social butterfly and was able to make quite a few, we’ll call them friends at school and did relatively well in class and in my social life. I feel like this ability to float between social groups and maintain relationships with lots of people may be another key aspect that drew me to advertising, if I can mesh well with clients and develop a quick and easy relationship, perhaps I am destined for a job in account managing (want to hire me?) During high school I participated actively in sports, crashing dances and goofing off, but I finally became involved with journalism my senior year and without any previous experience, was immediately chosen as the sports writer through my connection/friendship with the editor in chief. This opened the door for me and I knew I wanted to pursue journalism somehow, and that led me to the University of Oregon…

How do I describe my time at the U of O? Well, this I will have to update as I go along, but as I wind up the spring term of my sophomore year, here is a look at things so far and how I view my time and the changes that have occurred:


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