Left Turn

If there was one spot I would suggest checking out periodically on my exquisite internet base, it should be this page. While I try to be philosophical, definitely much more professional on the home page, everyone needs an outlet for their randomness, and I am a true believer that even random thoughts have plenty of significance. My goal is to post things that are interesting to me, but hopefully interesting to all of you as well. These may be videos, these may be gifs, they may be stories I have discovered while browsing the Internet, but the important thing is that… well maybe there is nothing important about this, but maybe these random things I find enjoyment in, you will as well. Enjoy!

If you want to see a little bit of how I start and end my day, check it. This has always provided me with a little bit of everything I enjoy wasting my time with: sports, hot chicks, pop culture, comedy, hot chicks. I wish I could come up with such a perfect blog. Maybe this will turn into one, who knows.


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